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Shopping for Jewelry and Watches While Cruising in the Caribbean

Robinson and Sherlene Bradbury

An abbreviated version of this article was published in the Washington Post Travel section on Dec. 25, 2007

You’re preparing to go on a wonderful cruise to the islands anticipating the beautiful blue water, warm weather, and shopping for a fabulous piece of jewelry to commemorate the occasion.  Perhaps you are celebrating a honeymoon, an anniversary trip or just a little get away because you deserve it. Almost everyone knows someone who returned with a gorgeous piece of jewelry. Do people really save by buying jewelry in the Caribbean or is it just a myth?

As independent appraisers of fine jewelry and watches in the Washington DC area, we are privileged to see many pieces purchased in the Caribbean Islands.  Some clients have done well and others have not.  How can you shop and buy with confidence for something you may know little about from a jeweler you know nothing about?  To solve this mystery, we took a cruise to personally investigate the shopping experience. We interviewed the cruise line, merchants, and guests.  What we found was enlightening and exciting.

The ships host shopping seminars given by the Port Shopping Guide. This person knows the ports and which stores to recommend for any type of shopping.  The Shopping Guide is well-educated and gives excellent advice on the buying opportunities on each island. With so many stores and so much jewelry to choose from, it can be daunting. Therefore, listening to the ship’s expert is a great start.  The seminars are held on “AT SEA” days and highlight recommended stores.

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