Pre/Post Jewelry Purchase Consultation

Are you a novice or even an occasional jewelry buyer and looking for an unbiased opinion on what to look for in a diamond, coloured stone or jewelry in general? We are happy to schedule an appointment to give you a brief education on jewelry buying before you go shopping. You may have questions about the size of stone to purchase for an engagement ring. Do you really need to spend two month’s salary? What are the trends in fashion? Should you buy yellow or white metal jewelry? If you are looking for white metal, is platinum or white gold better? How does one decide what colour of pearls to buy?

These are some of the quandaries facing all jewelry buyers. We can help you sort out the answers to these an other questions.

If you have already made a purchase and would like an opinion on whether you got a good deal, we’ll be happy to meet with you and advise you.


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