Coloured Stone Indentification

Do you have a loose gemstone or a piece of jewelry with a stone and you don’t know what it is? A red stone could be a ruby, spinel or garnet. There are many green stones that could be emerald, peridot, tourmaline or garnet. Is your dark blue stone a sapphire, topaz or tanzanite? Did you know that sapphires, spinels and garnets come in almost every colour? Many of these have synthetic counterparts. Some stones are even composed of two pieces of different stones called doublets. It may be valuable or just a pretty piece of glass but without the proper tools and knowledge to identify it, you’ll always be guessing. For a nominal fee, we’ll be happy to look at it, do some basic gemological testing and come to a conclusion without you having to pay for a full written report. If you should decide to have a written report done for insurance purposes after the identification is made, we can easily incorporate the information into a full, written report at the normal fee.

If we can’t identify it, no charge will be made!

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