Name That Diamond

There are many famous diamonds with names echoing the owner such as the Orlov, named after Count Grigory Orlov or their characteristic like the Koh-I-noor which means “Mountain of Light”. Giving a moniker to these already extraordinary stones further sets them apart and maintains their place in history.

In today’s world, personalization and personification along with social sharing is becoming more and more the norm. We name our plants, our cars, our homes and a few years ago, a registry was created that allows anyone to name a star, anywhere in the universe. Kinda cool but hardly personal.  How many of us could even find our star without a high-powered scope and a detailed map?  But a piece of jewelry is with us constantly.

Now, you can register and record your own, personal and precious diamond for all time.  The company is the Museum of Named Diamonds, a non-profit organization created by the jewelry industry, that have created a registry in which you can name your stone, tell a story and even have a piece of artwork to commemorate your own piece of history. MoND has a list of five benefits to help you decide.  It is a fun experience if you and your spouse create the name together.  Naming the stone preserves its history by telling the background story.  Sharing the story with friends and family on the MoND site lets everyone know how special the stone is to you. A formal name allows the stone to be even more meaningful. The gesture of naming your stone is truly the perfect gift that only the two of you could give to one another.

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