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The first recommendation when looking for a jewelry store is to ask friends, family or acquaintances for their recommendations. After that, go shopping! Check out these different types of stores and find out which one fits your personal needs. Shopping for jewelry can be very intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. When you walk into the store, are you dazzled by all the sparkle? Does it feel comfortable? Are you welcomed warmly? Is the staff professional but approachable? When you’re looking for that all-important engagement ring, anniversary present, graduation gift or a congratulations-to-me kind of piece, you want to know you’ve come to the right place.

Women have no trouble shopping and there are more and more of you buying your own pieces as you become successful in your own right. However, traditionally, men are still making the larger purchases. So, how do you get what you want? Some ladies accompany their partners to help them get to know their tastes and let the final decision up to them. Others want to be right there when the purchase is made. Still others have partners who instinctively know just what they’ll like. To assist them, they have a personal jeweler who keeps records of past purchases and lists of gift ideas on file.

Find out if the stores you’re shopping in have a way of keeping track of special dates and a “Wish List” for their clients. The better jewelers will make private notes on what you like as you shop and when the time comes to purchase, the jeweler will know exactly which pieces you preferred. Another trait of a fine jeweler is one who will call your partner on your behalf when a special piece has arrived.

Don’t be afraid to try things on! You’ll never know if something looks good on you until you have it on. Notice how it feels. How it looks. Have someone else try it on to get a different perspective. Look in the mirror. Sometimes that incredible ring looks great in the case but when you put it on, it doesn’t have quite the same effect. Conversely, let your jeweler suggest things for you. That bracelet that you might have passed on because it didn’t do anything for you lying in the case may have an entirely different look on your wrist.


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