How To Choose a Jewelry Store

If you are a first time or novice jewelry buyer, begin by asking people whom you trust for their recommendations. Jewelry store owners and managers value and appreciate referred customers. In choosing a store, there are many factors that may influence your decision. Proximity, staff and pricing structure are key. The Washington DC area has hundreds of jewelry stores rangeing  from the independently owned to the big corporate companies.

Generally speaking, the larger the name or corporate structure, the more expensive the pricing. This is usually because you are paying for the well-known and respected name of the company. Many of these stores can be found all over the country and some are found all over the world. The advantage to this is that you can travel anywhere and be serviced by the same company. In some cases, these stores offer a life-time guarantee against loss of stones. But you must have the piece checked within a specified time frame or the guarantee is null and void. As for their merchandise, there is a wide selection of designer or private labile creations by in-house artists. You will pay a premium for this luxury.

If you are looking to develop a long-standing relationship with your jeweler, privately owned stores can be easier to deal with. Many of these types of stores are family-owned and have been around long enough to have second and third generation folks behind the counters. They have a vested interest in keeping the store running successfully and are very happy to get to know you.


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