What to Ask your Insurance Agent Before Appraising your Jewelry

Here are few questions you should ask your insurance agent before you have your jewelry appraised for insurance. Knowing the answers to these questions will help us serve you best, and you will know how to protect  yourself and your jewelry better.

How are claims are paid, in cash or replacement jewelry?

Would I have a say in the selection of a replacement article?

What happens if an article is not replaceable?

Do you cover all risks, including mysterious disappearance and all geographic areas?

Are there exceptions and/or exclusions?

Am I covered if negligence is involved in a loss?

Are there deductibles?

Is depreciation ever imposed?

What type of item would be subjected to depreciation and how is it computed?

Is there a pair and set clause? Do you provide an additional amount to cover the cost of matching a missing item in a set if the fact that there is a set or pair has not been previously stated?

What documentation or proof is needed to justify a claim?

Does the appraiser has to have special qualifications in order for my appraisal to be valid?

These are just a few questions that you should ask; however, you may want to think of others depending on your policy statement.

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