Colour–The Second C

The next most important C is Colour. This refers to the body colour of the stone when viewed table down, parallel to the girdle( the middle of the stone) and against a white background in the proper lighting. The GIA grading scale ranges from D(colourless) through Z(yellow or brown usually, can be gray).  The most popular colour grades sold range from D-I. The price of a D is higher than the price of an I or lower is because the D is rarer, not “better”.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you prefer icy whiteness, choose a colour closer to D. If you’re drawn to warmth, choose a stone darker than J. The present metal of choice for wedding jewelry is platinum or white gold. Generally speaking, stones H or higher lend themselves well in this setting. When yellow gold becomes vogue again, you’ll see everyone touting the darker stones.

One other aspect of colour to consider or not, is fluorescence. Fluorescence is a natural occurrence and can enhance the body colour of almost any stone but particularly those darker than J. This is a good thing! My own stone is an H and I wish it DID fluoresce! Additionally any stone that fluoresces blue is a guarantee that the stone is natural and not man-made or enhanced.

The ONLY time that fluorescence is a detriment is when it is so strong that the stone takes on an oily, bluish appearance. This detracts from the appearance and lowers the price considerably Otherwise, enjoy the phenomenon when you walk under a black light.

Visit your local jeweler to SEE the various hues and shades of colour, fluorescent  and non-fluorescent stones and pick the one YOU like best.


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