Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to do an appraisal? 

It usually takes 45 minutes to an hour per piece.  This can be shorter for karat gold jewelry or jewelry without stones.  Pieces with many stones, many different shapes,   or types of stones can take longer.

How much do you charge?

The fees are based on the complexity and scope of work. It can be per item, hourly or a combination of both.  Please call for a price estimate.

Will I get the appraisal right away?

In most cases, yes.  The exception to this would be if further research is needed that cannot be completed at the time of the examination.  In these cases, the documents will be mailed.

Will my insurance company accept your appraisal?

Yes, the documents contain photos and descriptions of each piece in detail so that if your jewelry needs to be replaced, it can be replaced exactly or as closely as possible.

What kind of payment do you take?

Cash or check.

Do I need to supply any past appraisals or information?

Please supply any lab reports i.e. GIA, EGL, AGS, etc. as I will match the stone to the report and verify the validity of the report.  Any information such as receipts with exact weights, old appraisals or documentation can be helpful.  I do my own calculations but will compare with previous data

Do you have to remove stones to do an appraisal?

I do not have the tools nor the expertise to remove stones.  I calculate weights based measurements and formulas.  Only in rare circumstances would I recommend the     removal of a stone and it would be done by a qualified jeweler in a reputable store.

What if I don’t agree with your appraisal result?

An appraisal is an expert opinion of the value of a jewelry item at a specific time in a specific market. We welcome all questions and are happy to discuss with you in depth at how we arrived the results and process of research in determining the values in the requested market place.

Do you consult other gemologists or experts in rendering an opinion?

In most cases I don’t need to, however none of us are experts in everything. If I have a working knowledge of an item but not enough familiarity, I will consult with others who do.  If I have no knowledge of an item I will refer you to someone who does.


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