Appraisal Preparation

Preparing your jewelry to be evaluated is an important step in the process. Prior to cleaning, we examine for any loose or missing stones, damage and overall condition. When examining jewelry that has been enjoyed for a long period of time, we expect to find signs of wear. This can be minor to severe stone damage, worn or missing prongs, broken ring shanks, scratches or dents in the metal and a myriad of others things. We will inform you of any of these conditions, make the repair recommendations and then take the proper cleaning mode. Cleaning of most jewelry is done in an ultrasonic cleaner using sudsy ammonia and warm water. Care is taken to avoid using the ultrasonic for fragile stones such as opals, emeralds and tanzanites, to name a few. In these instances, we carefully brush the jewelry with a soft bristled toothbrush and rinse.

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